This is a screenshot from the bridge of my battle wounded Hurricane as I am in warp to safety. I am at 30% structure with my guns burnt out and overheat damage to all my mods! An evasive maneuver and a corp mate in a Falcon allowed me to get out of this one still flying my ship.

The story:

I am camping a C1 WH in our C5 static.  About 30 mins earlier a Dramiel jumps through the hole and engages me in my Cane.  I think that its odd and, since I am much slower, I can not hold him down long enough to kill him and he warps away.  Either way the Dramiel wasnt the ship I was camping for.  I was hoping for something a bit bigger and slower that I could bump and kill before it was able to jump back through the WH into the C1.  Now I see a Talos on short scan and as it lands on grid I realize why the Dramiel engaged me.

The Dramiel pilot is now in a Talos.  No doubt he engaged me to get a feel for my fit and then flew back to a POS in a connected WH and got his Talos.  The Talos is blaster fit and it has warped to me at perfect range…  For the Talos that is!

As the Talos points me and begins to unleash a heavy amount of DPS I look toward my corpmate who is sitting in a Falcon cloaked next to me. The problem is that our comms are down. It hardly ever happens but today they have just gone down and we are in the process of getting everyone live on our backup TeamSpeak server.

Most of my corpmates are still in limbo. The Talos has engaged me and it is a perfect ship to kill my Cane because I am heavily armor tanked and slow. The Talos is able to warp in at about 26km.  That is outside of the 15Kish falloff range of my autocannons.

Said Talos is still laying down some massive damage and before I know it i am in half armor. I begin evasive maneuvers hoping that my friend in the Falcon will lay down some jamming soon, but he is still cloaked and not yet on comms! I align with my safe spot and overload my mwarp!  I know I have about 3 to 4 volleys left before I pop so I am running now!  The Talos is orbiting me at about 25k and disrupting me with an overloaded warp disruptor. I know that if I can just get a little further away I can get out from under the point to warp out.

So with my new course locked in, my mwarp screams as I blister it to high overheat! Somewhere between 26k and 30k the Talos loses its point. I start spooling up to warp and I am again pointed by the Talos. He is faster than me…  His base mwarp speed of 1300m/s easily keeps range over my heavily armor laden slower base mwarp speed of 980m/s.  So, the Talos is able to get back in point range. I reverse course again in the opposite direction and try again to get range.

This time I do and he flies out of point range as I get the precious few kilometers I need. I am spamming “warp” and just before I enter warp I see our Falcon decloak!  Yes!  My cm has woke up to the fact that I am in trouble!  He is now targeting and about to throw some jamming at the Talos.  Just as I am getting warp he successfully jams the Talos and that peels off any last second DPS that could pop me.  I watch as the WH and the ships slip off my screen…

As I warp away I am on fire…  Literally!!!  My ship is burning with nearly 70% structure damage, my guns are burned out and every other available mod is well into overheat.  I drop in chat, “Jesus, that was close!”  (see chat in screen shot)  By now my corp has comms again and the response fleet is already formed and in warp to our C5 static.

Our Falcon along with a Legion, Tengu, and Proteus are all gathered on the hole and I see them as I jump through into our home system.  Time will tell if my cms catch up with that Talos because he is running for his life now!  Sporadic chatter erupts on comms…  The hunt is on!

For me though, the hunt is over.  I land at my POS with my ship still on fire.  Deck alarms are wailing as I swap out mods to rep my structure and my armor.  Then I swap the damaged mods back and engage the repair cycle on my heat damaged um….  Everything!!!  I love nano paste!  I chuckle to myself as I think about how this Cane lived for one fight longer than it should have.

The Cane is repped now.  I reload my ammo and I board “GHOST 4”.  My super scanner is humming softly as I ping dscan and run through my log off checklist.  Sisters core probes laoded and combats in the hold – check!  Another exciting day of flying in WH space!  Until the next time…  Fly dangerously – I certainly did today!


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I cut my teeth in PVP during a few awkward encounters way back in my early days of mission running in Rens and the surrounding area.  In one engagement I bait another noob flying a Stabber into flipping my can and I pop him in my T1 fitted PVP Rifter.  I taste PVP blood in my mouth for the first time and I am hooked…  This is why I hunt!

I sharpen my skills as a scourge to the Lvl 4 mission grinders in Frarn.  I ninja loot everything I can find, salvaging as I go.  I try ganking everything that shoots at me.  I lose a few ships along the way but I also feast on carebear tearz.  I like their warm salty tang!  Im hitting harder and more accurately now…  This is why I hunt!

I go nomad and cycle DED frigate plex sites in the pre-Retribution universe.  I find crazy awesome drop loot and I hone my reflexes.  I get ganked a few times.  I learn a lot, I get better and I fight back.  I can see them now before they are right on top of me.  I am mastering dscan and Im tougher now…  More wiley and resilient…  This is why I hunt!

I am solo in LowSec now…  Hunting everything I can kill in FW low sec…  Im flying by the seat of my pants and you will find me charging at you in “DOOM CANNON” my T2 autocannon fit Thrasher or my Shield Boosted Jaguar.  I fight a lot and Im formidable now.  I die and I learn, I win and it fuels me.  Im a brawler…  This is why I hunt!

Im bigger now…  Badder.  Im reigning down death at the healm of a vicious Hurricane.  I slug it out with two Harbingers and I send them both on to the next clone…  This is why I hunt!

Im in WH space now…  Circling in a cloaked hound while an unsuspecting carrier group warps in to close the hole I am LURKING on.  FC calls out, “Fleet engage!”  The fleet jumps in and I uncloak and start unleashing torps.  Im in on my first carrier kill and I put my career KB ISK win vs loss stats in the green with one kill…  This is why I hunt!

Now I am everywhere – low sec, null sec & WH space.  My skills are maxxed and I fly lethal well fit instruments of death.  I gank, I LURK, I bait, I scout, I fly bomb runs and CYNO fleets – solo and small gangs – I FC and fly Bhaalgorns in Mega fleets…  I scrap and sometimes die…  Always learning and always coming back again.  That is me hurtling toward you out of the sun!  My racks are overloaded and now Im in range!  Aggression alarms wail as you are locked.  My pulse quickens as the damage reports come in.  I am taking damage and pulling transversal keeping at range.  Im winning!  Or, Im dying!  It doesnt even matter…  This is why I hunt!

For all of this, for all the fights I havent mentioned and for all the fights that are coming…  This is why I hunt!


Fly dangerously or not at all!


Hello and welcome to my blog about PVP & living in EVE.

I am writing this blog with the goal of aiding and encouraging EVE pilots to engage in PVP.  This blog will delve into all aspects of the game from the standpoint of ARMED1 – a dedicated PVP pilot who lives in EVE and pursues PVP in all aspects of EVE space.  I am also a Fleet Captain with SPECTRE FLEET and have been leading fleets there for a few years now.  Spectre Fleet is one of the largest and most active NPSI fleets in all of EVE!

This blog has recently been reworked to discuss PVP in all its forms.  Information will be discussed in this blog regarding the gameplay, support and logistics of a PVP lifestyle.  I will discuss fleet comps, strategy, tested tactics, supply, logistics and various ships/fittings.  It is my hope that other pilots who read this blog understand that I am writing from a strictly personal point of view.

I do not intend to present myself as the expert on anything.  Instead, I am sharing my personal experiences, lessons learned and the things that have worked for me.  Feel free to apply as much or as little as you wish.

I will use game lingo to tell stories and discuss the various aspects of PVP and life in low sec all the while hoping to encourage new players to join the ranks of the PVP capsuleers!  Some of the stories will be from the old days and some will be brand new.  However, if you are new to the game and it seems like I am speaking a foreign language, keep reading and keep flying!!!  We were all new once and with experience it will all soon make sense!  This first post is intended to introduce me and go over some basics.  Then the stories!

PVP & EVE Life:

To begin with you must realize that EVE is a game you have to invest in.  A PVP lifestyle in EVE can be very rewarding.  There are plenty of carebears to kill and Tearz to feast on.  There are riches and targets to be had, but being able to exist in EVE and fund a PVP toon means that you will have to build your skills and experience in the game first.  The learning curve in EVE is not quick and you will have to invest both in terms of time spent training and ISK spent building a capable & sustainable PVP fleet.  There is also the support of your PVP lifestyle which will be discussed here.  Damn – how much do I hate PVE???  I hate it a lot!!!  But after all, we gotta have that ISK!!!

My EVE pilot:

My main pilot is a PVP toon started in May 2010.  I have played from that time forward with a break of about 6 months when I moved cross country to start a new job.  I am Minmatar cross trained with the other races (Gallente, Amarr and Caldari) as necessary to fly specific ships I want in my personal fleet.

I have a few other random skills trained that serve specific purposes for me.  My pilot exists solely to fund and pursue PVP!  The other supporting skills I have trained that are not PVP focused are trained to fund and support my PVP excursions.  I am a homicidal capitalist spacepig and EVE is my pigpen!

My in game player name is ARMED1 and I began my EVE career running missions in Empire (K-space) and putting in the basic training time while yearning to PVP.  I soon became bored with mission running so I looked for other more exciting things to do.  In my quest to find a home in the EVE universe I ratted in low sec (and died a lot), I ninja looted in Frarn and bounced through a couple HiSec PVP corps.  I fought in a few HiSec wars along the way and I ran DED sites in a shiny Rifter fitted with DED drop loot.  That ship is still collecting dust & rust sitting in a hangar in Rens.

I am self-taught for the most part and I started cutting my teeth in PVP by jet can baiting off of stations in HiSec.  Then I moved on to solo hunting Faction War sites in LowSec.  I spent some time in a few dirty stinky LowSec pirate corps and even tried a few NullSec corps.  Then one day I joined a WH corp.  I spent many years living in C6 WH space while I honed my skills and now I run my own WH isk farm and that funds my general pursuit of PVP.  I enjoy low sec gameplay the most but I am an indiscriminate killer so I destroy and plunder anywhere I can.  If you fly with me in one of my NPSI public fleets we will be ROFLstomping any target we find as we blitz low sec in kill-hungry Arty Thrasher blobs, crawl through systems in ewar and logi supported Armor Cruiser gangs or even show up for arranged events in fleets with pilots numbering in the hundreds!

At the time this is published my toon has approximately 53M skill points (update now 65M+) and is currently a well supported and hard hitting sub-cap PVP monster.  I generate ISK solely to fund PVP and I hunt all the time.  As an FC for Spectre fleet I run all manner of roams and various other PVP fleets.  I have a few alts – but they are top secret for now – maybe more on them in later posts…

In EVE, much like real life, from humble beginnings can come great things!  I remember when a few million ISK in mission pay outs was a huge pay day.  Later, I was excited to make 50M in a week from ninja looting.  Now, I make hundreds of millions ISK every day when I grind.  I have over 4B in my wallet at all times and billions upon billions in my hangars in both ships and mods!!!

So, read on and enjoy!  If you like my blog and find that it is helpful to you please subscribe, like it and add a comment!  Pass it on to others and help make it popular!  Questions are always welcome and I hope you all have as much fun in EVE pursuing PVP as I do.  Feel free to mail me in game if you would like and, as always…  Fly dangerously!!!